Monday, 29 June 2015

My learning in the 'Learn Create Share' pedagogy


Influences by Sir Ken Robinson who advocates opportunities for expression. Allowing, encouraging and expecting creation as part of the learning process. 

A quote from his blog:  Creativity is about fresh thinking. It doesn’t have to be new to the whole of humanity - though that’s always a bonus - but certainly to the person whose work it is.

The idea is to use the opportunities that technology allows to show learning in ways that were not available before. This links to the SAMR model of redefining what we are doing, not just doing the same things we have always done but now digitally - substitution. Rather doing something completely new that we were unable to do before - redefinition.

Dorothy Burt sourced this thinglink below and unpacked the SAMR ladder very clearly on her blog.

I really like the idea that teachers start the process and then get out of the way of the students learning, as noted under Redefinition on the thinglink. I suspect it can be hard to do but a good discipline. Those learners who excel often do their best (most / all?) learning outside of school in a traditional classroom. So to give tools and set rich tasks... makes sense. There needs to be entry points for all learners at all levels so applying Universal Design for Learning principles makes sense to me. If I can 'design from the outset for the learners from the edges, rather than for the average and then adapt.' (from a UDL webinar facilitated by Nathaniel Louwrens) then I will have designed for all learners.

Teachers need to be given the opportunity and expectation to do use the SAMR ladder in a structured way. Yes mistakes will be made but ones that can be learnt from, a slight correction made and move on, then building on what is working well. I find it exciting to see teachers discovering, using and improving what works well in a supported environment and they in turn find it satisfying to see significant student progress in learning.


To an authentic audience. The initial audience can be classmates, teacher, school, parents. The more authentic audience is the wider world, e.g. sharing via  TV or the internet.

We have a very simple definition and a deliberate plan of attack to help students grow one [authentic audience].

An authentic audience is people who choose to listen to you.

And if they pay to listen to you then I guess they are even more authentic! From a Dorothy Burt blogspot.

Learn Create Share

A place to start is the Learn Create Share (LCS) pedagogy as a linear model using the SAMR ladder. Hence a scaffolded framework is a good place to start to help teachers move practice to be above the line.

Eventually there is a shift to a spiral model where students might create to learn or share to learn. This 
post by +Fiona Grant  shares the content of a professional learning day where the teachers explored the idea of Create to Learn.

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