Friday, 15 October 2021

Learning Together

 Great to have an enthusiastic Digital Bubble crew. I'm keen to work with everyone in Term 4 for our Digital Fluency Intensive.

Check out their learning journey on blogs throughout the next 8 or 9 weeks of DFI.

Monday, 16 August 2021

Connected Learners Share

 As part of our staff hui, we have been exploring how connected learners share and how this enables us to learn from one another.

I found it interesting that we have such a diverse range of opportunities for teachers, leaders and learners to connect.

Friday, 30 July 2021

Creating with Docs

 I have a great Digital Bubble for the T3 DFI Online cohort. We have created posters using docs. Here is my one with walks that I am keen to down around the Lower Hutt Te | Awakairangi area.

We have each reflected on our learning and shared our create task on our blogs. 
Here are our blogs. We would love comments.

Have you ever used Google Docs in a creative way? Please share with us.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Busting it with Core Business

It is fabulous to be part of the Digital Fluency Intensive (DFI) once again.

We are modelling Learn, Create and Share as we use the digital tools the learners use.

Once again, I get to learn from other coaches and to be part of the DFI learning journey with a great group of kaiako.

Here are links to blogs where people in my small group, aka Digital Bubble, will be sharing their journey as part of the DFI. 

Friday, 24 July 2020

Getting Intense with Google

We kicked off out Term 3 Digital Fluency Intensive (DFI) today. We have more than 50 participants online with 10 coaches for support in small digital bubbles.

The course is definitely intensive and so much learning happens over the nine sessions. It is always great to start with a new cohort and to see where people are at and then where they get to over the DFI.

I'm excited to be working with Principals and Deputy Principals in a bubble for this DFI. We have started with the Core Business; some foundational learning to get us started. As school leaders there is the added layer of leading the learning as well as learning the content.

We use the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy throughout the DFI. We are using the same tools as the learners so the big people are blogging.

Teaching Treasures: Visible Teaching and Learning Workflow

Blogs for my digital bubble:

Monday, 6 July 2020

Reflections on the Magic

Here in New Zealand we have come through lockdown and we are now out the other side. Hopefully wiser and better for the experience.

Below are some reflections of my experiences and what I observed as I worked with teachers, leaders and learners in Tairāwhiti Cluster, a part of The Manaiakalani Programme Outreach.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Shifts in Practice

As a team we meet weekly and we have the practice of focussing on a school each week that one or more of us are working in to see what is happening and how shifts in teacher practice are occurring. 

Our discussion in these meetings will bring in a range of pedagogy and ways to scaffold the learning for all learners. As we meet we give feedback to one another about both what and how we are modelling in classes for the hour we are there each week. We look at the evidence on class sites and individual learner blogs and we notice what shifts are happening in changed pedagogy when we are not in the class as this is what shows there has been real change. 

Sometimes the success stories from other schools challenge my beliefs about what could work in another setting. These discussions challenge me to learn further about a particular innovation or pedagogy. It might be something small in terms of an attitude shift on my part or it might be looking at the learning another way entirely. 

 One of the shifts I have made in one class is to using 'Create to learn' as a way to engage learners. Although I was fully aware of Create to Learn as a powerful approach I have to admit I tended to stick with Learn, Create, Share as a linear progression and seemed to work through this process with little variance. However in one class the Learn, then create then share was not working. Learners were not engaged and we were stuck on the Learn. This was brought home as part of our discussions as a team, particularly as I saw what another facilitator was doing and the learner outcomes. 

After discussion with the teacher whose class I was working in, I changed my approach and started with Create. Here is my example of Create to Learn on the class site.

 I had learners who had been unwilling to work and who had resisted engaging with the learning now coming to me asking, "What do I have to include in the creation to show the learning?" - a complete switch. When I scanned what learners were doing, they were all on task and were engaging with the content.

This was a reminder that I can get stuck in a teaching practice and need to keep challenging myself to change and that professional discussion is a great way to encourage this reflection and change.