Friday, 9 August 2019

Teachers as Learners - Collaborate on Sites

It was exciting to see teachers learning about the concepts of Share and Multimodal, then looking at examples of Multi-texts and finally creating examples of these on google sites.

As some have suggested this can be a roller coaster ride of feeling overwhelmed at times and then of having time to catch up in other parts of the day. Thanks for the analogy, Cathy.

As well as all this learning, some of it was on a Google Meet. Hearing Dorothy explain about 'Share' from afar and seeing the slides on the big screen.  These teachers did very well.

Teachers on Google Meet learning about 'Share'

I am always impressed with the way people make connections to their own contexts and learning. Those who do this at a deeper level are empowered. Teachers empowered to take effective teaching strategies and then turbocharge their teaching using digital tools. A very powerful combination.

I am so enjoying the journey with these 'teachers as learners'.

Friday, 2 August 2019

DFI Cohort 2

Digital Fluency Intensive Cohort 2 is in its second day.

Each Friday I get to hang out with this crew as well as Tim who joined us for day two and missed out on the official photo.

I love the enthusiasm and sharing that is happening already. Great to see people helping one another as they can.

As part of today, we got to mix people up a bit as they got into groups to use Google Hangouts together. I'm looking forward to seeing how people continue to mix and learn from one another across schools and year levels that are taught.

I looked into the difference between Hangouts and Meet a little further.  Hangout Chats and Hangouts Meet is the way forward. Evolving tools that for the moment are largely the same.

My learning from today

So I reviewed the tools and practised what I needed to demonstrate. There is always so much and digital tools get better so they change and I don't use every part of the tool regularly.  I'm really thankful for working with a great colleague who can support in that mind-blank moment when I have lost where the 'unsend' is when I want to retrieve a sent email in those precious 30 seconds.  Thanks, Cheryl.


David Langford came to see what we were doing today and stayed for a while. I forgot to get a photo but he is here anyway (top right) sorting his calendar on his phone with the rest of the crew.
Thanks, David, we appreciate your support.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Focussing on Deliberate Leadership Actions

As part of working with school leaders in The Manaiakalani Programme Outreach cluster of schools in Tairāwhiti we looked at Barriers, Enablers and Deliberate Leader Actions that could help to move the understanding and implementation of the pedagogy we use: Learn, Create, Share (LCS).

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Explain Everything Pecha Kucha

We were set the challenge to create a Pecha Kucha to share a skill or tool that is being used where we are teaching.

A definite challenge.

My learners are teachers and leaders so I created a Pecha Kucha to inform these people about how Explain Everything is used in a junior class on ipads.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Data Dealings

We have dealt to the data today in Gisborne.

People have moved from shying away from Google Forms, Maps and Sheets to be able to see the power and excitement of these tools.

Great to see that people can see where they could use their tools in their classes and that if fits with Numeracy and Inquiry learning as well as so much more.

It is Friday after 3pm and everyone is still hard at it!

How to get people to go home.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

DFI in Gisborne

Our first session of Digital Fluency Intensive  (DFI) in Gisborne has happened.

We have a big space with a range of seating options in the Literacy Centre in Riverdale School. We have  the use of an attached kitchen and bathroom as well, so we are self-contained.

Dorothy Burt led our first day and gave everyone a great overview of where Manaiakalani has come from and where we are going with the DFI.

Our Goals for the nine sessions are:

I am looking forward to being stretched as I lead the DFI and seeing the learning that happens over our time together. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Barriers and Enablers

Are our learners engaging deeply with cluster-agreed transformative digital pedagogies:
learn, create, share?

As part of my own learning, I am focussing on helping school leaders in our learning cluster to consider this question.

It's nearly been a year since the journey as a cluster began. Trust is building and understanding around 'learn, create, share' is jelling for school leaders. It seemed a good time to use a tool to reflect on progress and look at next steps.
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