Friday, 29 June 2018

Technology can be Transformative

The team from OMG Tech came to show us how "Technology can be transformative"

For openers, our learners could create tech like this:

Why wouldn't we give them the tools and the learning to do this?

Wow, moral machines decision-making is CHALLENGING! How to make difficult decisions -  

Results of the decisions I made:

Digital Technologies Curriculum

Overview of the Curriculum and time to play.

Binary, Hexidecimal

Data a computer can use. 
Hex colours use hexadecimal coding. Kinda get it. 

Scratch Play

Actually created something. Computational thinking while having fun.

Scratch Cards can be used for learners with individual codes.

Playing with 3D Pens

Loads of fun creating. So many possibilities for learners.
Buy cheap 3D pens and filament.


Did you know Allbirds are really really good?

They come as runners too!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Focus on the Share

Learn, Create, Share | Kia Ako, Kia Hanga, Kia Tohatoha


We were given a resource as a starting point and asked to create a site for an audience.

We were asked to make the site multimodal; using different modes to get the message across.
The aim of being multimodal is to increase:
  • Engagement
  • Personalised learning 
  • Acceleration
  • Empowerment
My audience is an NCEA level 1 or Year 11 Science class. 

I am focussed on empowering the learners to create digital learning objects to teach others. 
My aim is to encourage personalised learning by giving the resources and a wide enough brief with no restrictions on how the learning is presented. 
I have hands-on activities along with theoretical learning with content that I hope is engaging.
Acceleration is optional. I have added Can-Dos and Must-Dos.

Please test out my site and give me feedback as to how this might be improved.
(still working on it as this post is published)

Friday, 15 June 2018

Creating to Learn

Whether on YouTube, drawings, slides, we are all creative and can create.

Live Streaming 

Might be your class, a rugby game or cross country live-streamed on YouTube.
A camera, drone and streaming encoder along with live-streaming set up on YouTube channel.

Kent Somerville made it look simple and oh so effective. I think everyone in the room wanted to do it too!

YouTube Channel

Thanks for sharing all your expertise, Fiona Grant. 
The settings for the Channel and 'the why' for these settings was worthwhile for me especially the upload defaults.

Drawings - one tool to rule them all

Started a portrait using polyline in drawing. Bailed!!
I still think Drawing tool is the best.

Slides Animation Learning

More opportunity to practice and learn how Dorothy does it. 

Creating our Digital Pepeha

A good opportunity for me to update and include my Gisborne living arrangement!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Excited about Forms, Maps and Sheets

Yep, excited.

Forms are Fun

There are so many ways to use forms.  I have practised with a quiz and have learnt how to use response validation so that people taking the survey must answer with a certain number of responses.

Try out my quiz here.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Drive, Chrome, Extensions and more

Drive and Chrome

We have learnt the basics of Drive and Chrome. Great to see someone else presenting on this and what they do and use.

Chrome Extensions

Adding and managing and removing extensions. Some extensions that I hadn't used before.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Learners new to schools

What do schools do to transition learners into a new school?

I am wanting to find out what intermediate and secondary schools are doing, how we might share good practices and how we might help one another improve these practices.

Please help me out by telling me what you do in your school using the form below.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Learning Stations in Secondary Schools

Okay, I thought learning stations was such a 'primary' idea that it could never work with older learners.

Turns out I was way wrong...