Friday, 2 October 2015

24 Hour Digital Footprint

Students have been  learning about their smart digital footprint.  They tracked where they had been online over a 24 hour period and created a map of this with links to where they had been. Thanks to +Madeline Campbell for this great idea.
I did this for myself over the same timeframe. I was thinking it would take ages to do as my history showed a large number of entries. When I came to do it however, I found that while there were a lot of entries in fact I was going to the same places a large number of times. I didn't show these multiple visits to the same places as I felt the map would be too busy. I have added numbers to show how many times I visited places on the web.
Younger students, e.g. year 2-3, needed a lot of support with the idea of 24 hours. Creating links on an ipads proved too difficult - in fact they needed to be done on a chromebook or desktop. Year 4-5 students on chromebooks did this well with careful instructions from +Fiona Grant. A fun and informative acitivity tht graphically showed how we leave a digital trail wherever we go on the internet.

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  1. Hi Maria, looking forward to seeing you next week. You've got me thinking about my own digital footprint already today... I need to get mapping mine...