Monday, 11 September 2017

Always have a plan

"Even if it doesn't work, always have a plan...Without a plan I'm just throwing things against a wall and seeing what sticks. If something does work I can't necessarily identify what it was. With a plan, even if it does not work, I can look back on it, reflect on why it didn't work and actually learn something."  

A quote from The Mentee's Guide, this very readable book, which resonated with me. It was describing a mentoring relationship that started with tennis and seemed to spill over to the rest of life. I like the idea of being able to reflect and learn, the expectation that not everything will work and that I will reflect and try something else. The permission to try and fail is important.

Elements of mentoring, as described in the book:

  • reciprocity
  • learning
  • relationship
  • partnership
  • collaboration
  • mutually defined goals
  • development

I think I can make the most of a mentoring relationship, or at least grow into making the most of a mentoring relationship as described in the book. I'm anticipating growing the trust as we work together. The reciprocity of the mentoring relationship struck a chord - the idea of both working together with a commonly agreed goal in mind. The permission, even expectation that I, as the mentee, am asking for what is needed to take the next step.

The cycle of mentoring will be interesting to dig into and understand more as I get into the book. I'm looking forward to learning about it and implementing with my mentor.

I have had an informal mentor in the past. I found that the regular connection and encouragement from the mentor was really valuable. I also appreciated being able to bounce ideas around with the person which often resulted in new ideas forming.

I'm blessed to have a mentor who is a person I know and who is working in a very similar environment. I'm really looking forward to working more closely with her, learning and developing ideas.

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