Friday, 13 October 2017

Deep Learning



Derek Wenmoth presented re Deep Learning.

Technological change is not additive, it is ecological. From Fullan

Michael Fullan - Coherence


  1. Moral purpose - identify your why.
  2. Recognise change process - people take time to get on board. The learning pit happens
  3. Relationships - George Simons connectedness theory. Capacity to increase learning is in the intersections.
  4. Knowledge building - knowledge is constructed by all
  5. Coherence making

Not a deficit model. Rather, how can we do things deeper, better?

Two steps to deep learning

  1. Deepen the content - What is powerful to learn? Start with a question/focus that enables deep  learning
  2. Deepen the process - what is powerful learning?


Underpinning of inquiry to the deep learning, using whatever inquiry model

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