Saturday, 18 November 2017

Testing it out with Learners

Learners in a class was asked to volunteer to work with me during their Health class. Six learners volunteered - 5 girls and 1 boy.
Three of these learners were very familiar with online learning and cybersmart learning as they came from schools from within the cluster of schools I work in.
One learner had used a chromebook in another school.

We discussed ways their learning might be helped in the context of cybersmart learning. Their ideas are shown below:
  • working in groups with people you don't know so well
  • take one on one time with teacher to talk about what to work on
  • build stronger relationships with students and teachers - one on one talks, things you want to change or you're not happy about
Learners created a digital learning object about their learning and posted this on their blogs.

My Reflections 

I found that the learners took a very long time to engage with the learning however with a lot of encouragement they did start to to do some superficial research about their topics which they had chosen from a range of 9 topics.

I thought the learners weren't engaging at all at one point and so asked them for written feedback. They were positive and were enjoying the learning - this was surprising.

           "its actually pretty cool finding out information about cyber smart"

They needed to be taught how to do research and also given scaffolding to support this so that the learning is deeper.

One on one conferencing worked well to get them to see what their next steps were.

Getting learners to reflect on their learning was difficult - it was very superficial and there was little engagement.

Relationship with the learners takes time to build up and trust is essential.

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