Friday, 22 April 2016

Brainstorm Tool

Created using Mindmup

I had a go at using a brainstorm tool that can be connected to Google Drive.

The Mindmup free version is a very easy to use tool and I have created a brainstorm as an example in a short time.  Adding one image allowed the mindmap to be under the 100Kb size for storing on the Mindmup Atlas. Adding two images took the mindmap over the allowed size.  The Mindmup Atlas will store brainstorms for six months for free accounts.

Adding to my blog took a bit more fiddling as the embed code did not include a frame size and in adjusting the HTML I couldn't make it fit the page. In the end I took a screenshot and added as an image. Sometimes simple is best.

I decided I wanted to add more value to my brainstorm and added some more images and helpful links using thinglink.

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