Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I have been learning some Te Reo maori as well as tikanga. As part of this I have written and memorised my pepeha. 

I am finding I am using my pepeha more and more. At first simply as a opportunity to practice in a safe environment. However I have now used in a number of marae in both a formal welcome and as a way to introduce myself when I was a latecomer to a noho marae. 

I have now recognised that parts of my pepeha are useful as I do not always need the full pepeha but perhaps just a sentence in some settings. 

I am feeling more confident in using te reo maori in a range of settings. As I am working with teachers in a rumaki or maori immersion class, my pronunciation is at times corrected.  I am really pleased about this as it helps me to learn more.  I am gathering some phrases and words. I am moving forward, I have taken the first steps...

Te tīmatanga o te matauranga ko te wahangū, te wāhanga tuarua ko te whakarongo.

The first stage of learning is silence, the second stage is listening.

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