Friday, 27 July 2018

Not Just a Tool

Devices are Much More than Just a Tool

Dorothy getting 'almost teary' and passionate about our learners lives being changed by devices.

Managing Tabs

Some ideas to manage tabs is using onetab and Toby mini. Great to hear about toby mini so that new tabs are not taken over.

Another idea that could be useful is to use a new person and have all the tabs to open automatically. This could be good for a presentation where a number of different links are needed to be opened over the presentation time.
I also use onetab to create a webpage link which I can reuse and share to others;

One caution -  I have found with onetab is that it is not linked to chrome in that when I got a new laptop and loaded chrome on again I had lost all my onetab links! To get around this I can create lists as webpages and save these links on a site or doc.

Organising My Life

Great to hear about how others use gmail and calendar. New gmail is great. Really like the way the calendar

Google Meet

Testing this out with with 11 people and getting everyone sharing their screens to tell us about an important place in their life. Organised chaos with helpers available to show how to do it if needed.


  1. Hi Maria
    The new Gmail is great, especially with the Google Calendar and Google Keep that pops out whenever you need to access it. I have looked at One Tab but personally prefer Toby Mini and have already started using it. This extension is very useful especially when working on my planning. Thanks for sharing the tip about One tab not linked to chrome.

  2. Thanks for your comment Khismira.