Friday, 29 June 2018

Technology can be Transformative

The team from OMG Tech came to show us how "Technology can be transformative"

For openers, our learners could create tech like this:

Why wouldn't we give them the tools and the learning to do this?

Wow, moral machines decision-making is CHALLENGING! How to make difficult decisions -  

Results of the decisions I made:

Digital Technologies Curriculum

Overview of the Curriculum and time to play.

Binary, Hexidecimal

Data a computer can use. 
Hex colours use hexadecimal coding. Kinda get it. 

Scratch Play

Actually created something. Computational thinking while having fun.

Scratch Cards can be used for learners with individual codes.

Playing with 3D Pens

Loads of fun creating. So many possibilities for learners.
Buy cheap 3D pens and filament.


Did you know Allbirds are really really good?

They come as runners too!

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