Friday, 15 June 2018

Creating to Learn

Whether on YouTube, drawings, slides, we are all creative and can create.

Live Streaming 

Might be your class, a rugby game or cross country live-streamed on YouTube.
A camera, drone and streaming encoder along with live-streaming set up on YouTube channel.

Kent Somerville made it look simple and oh so effective. I think everyone in the room wanted to do it too!

YouTube Channel

Thanks for sharing all your expertise, Fiona Grant. 
The settings for the Channel and 'the why' for these settings was worthwhile for me especially the upload defaults.

Drawings - one tool to rule them all

Started a portrait using polyline in drawing. Bailed!!
I still think Drawing tool is the best.

Slides Animation Learning

More opportunity to practice and learn how Dorothy does it. 

Creating our Digital Pepeha

A good opportunity for me to update and include my Gisborne living arrangement!


  1. Thanks so much for joining us and for participating so whole heartedly. We appreciate your expertise and willingness to support others in n the group. Your pepeha is impressive.

    1. Thanks Dorothy,
      I'm enjoying being part of the group. The time to create is always welcome. People seem keep to learn so always easy to teach others.