Friday, 1 June 2018

Drive, Chrome, Extensions and more

Drive and Chrome

We have learnt the basics of Drive and Chrome. Great to see someone else presenting on this and what they do and use.

Chrome Extensions

Adding and managing and removing extensions. Some extensions that I hadn't used before.

Docs 101

Headings, outline, images added from the 'explore' button which are available for reuse and a photo taken from within the doc.  

Group activity

Modelling what could be done in classes,  using the Ctrl-F to search for keywords. We created a doc in a specified folder. We answered a required question and then shared the doc with the person on the left. That person then answered the next question and shared with the person on their left. A good way to get a range of voices on a single doc without complicating the learning by all being in the same doc at the same time.

Create Time

Looking forward to it!

Created this poster in google docs. I used tables to keep images and words in the right place. I think I will mostly be sticking to drawings but good to see how to do a range of things in docs. I learnt to make a background colour.

Embed Code for Doc

I also learnt how to embed a doc and have it show up as a reasonable size.

<div style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; display: block; width: px; height: px;">
<iframe width='600' height='400' frameborder='0' src="Copy and paste the embed code of
your Google doc here/pub"></iframe></div>

So I used all the red code from publish to the web>embed:
<iframe src=""></iframe>


  1. Hi Maria, nice catching up with you. I am interested in using the add blocker as these can be frustrating. Who knew you could make a poster with Google Docs. Using table to insert and keep pictures in place.

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Yes, definitely good to know. I have just thought, I have a situation where learners are still BYOD and some have ipads where there is no drawing app. We could use docs as a work-around.

  2. Lovely to have you with us Maria and great for Tanya to have a buddy from Kootuitui! I think where people would mostly find creating visuals or graphics in a doc as opposed to Draw is when there is a lot of text to be included (eg a newsletter or form for a trip etc) And when there are a n umber of people to co-construct or collaborate with. I think I would find it frustrating in Draw if I had too many collaborators with different graphic ideas!

    1. Good point re the collaborators Dorothy. I found it worthwhile to have a go and find out what is possible.

  3. Kia ora Maria, Its such a pleasure to have you join us for this round of DFI. Thanks for sharing your reflections and thoughts on our first session. I am going to borrow that piece of html, it makes things way more visually appealing when you can get rig of the scrolling within the embedded iframe!

    1. Hi Gerhard,
      Really enjoying the time to learn some new ways of using tools and to have time to try them out. Glad the code is useful. Will you use it with learners?